The Media Covering Of JFK Assassination And Conspiracy Theories

Surveys carried out over the last fifty years demonstrate that the majority of Americans believe that JFK was killed as part of a plot. Many renowned historians and academics found the historical evidence pleading for conspiracy.

The conspiracy theories around assassination of JFK

Despite this, the US news media persist in presenting the thing as if the Warren commission on the assassination of JFK had been the only official cell to investigate the murder of JFK.

The media secretly – or not that secretly – investigated the circumstances surrounding the assassination of JFK and the whole story around it.

There’s a short overview of media investigations about assassination of JFK:

1. The “official” verdict of this last one still holds, namely that JFK was killed by one assassin, which was presented at the time and continues to depict to this day as a “lonely fool”.

But how a solitary shooter could, with one bullet, injure JFK at two times and then reach the Texan governor to ribs, wrist and thigh? Not to mention the fact that the projectile in question was subsequently found in perfect condition, as if never reached his target! This far-fetched hypothesis gave him a name: they call it the “magic bullet theory”.

2. The involvement of the then Vice President.  

The direct involvement of the then Vice President Lyndon Johnson in the assassination of Kennedy is not totally a secret and is discussed openly.

During an interview for the program “A current affair”, the mistress of LBJ at that time, Madeleine Brown, was confiding about the behavior of the latter on the eve of the assassination:

  • He was furious, he was so violent when he was angry …
  • What are the exact words he used?
  • He grabbed me by the arm, he had that muffled voice and he said, “After tomorrow these son of a bitch (Kennedy) will never bother me again, it’s not a threat, it’s a promise. “

Nixon’s revelation to the media can be added, though Nixon recounted his words exchanged with the LBJ press officer: “.. I bet President Johnson will not be pleased to hear that he is the prime suspect in the murder”.

It is also revealed nowadays that on the eve of his assassination, President Kennedy had told confidants, including his special secretary to the White House, of his willingness to decision to drop the Vice President from the ticket, as he was “indeed involved in no less than four criminal investigations”.

3.  The Mafia theory, that tells of two previous attempts of JFK assassination that have failed.

The Mafia had more choice than JFK murder in Dallas. There are mafia boss’s words about how his lieutenant and right hand man in Dallas, had played a key role in the case by recruiting themselves as shooters for the murder of JFK. He also was a close associate of Jack Ruby, who had been seen together with the mob people on the eve of Kennedy’s assassination. It has long been claimed that Ruby was the man who handed out the bribes to the police in Dallas on behalf of the Mafia.

4.  Cuban and C.I.A. motive

This motive for the murder of Kennedy suggests that the reasons of the plot were:

  • Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy’s attack against organized crime
  • President Kennedy’s failure to support the Cuban exiles at the Bay of Pigs Invasion.
  • Kennedy’s plan to withdraw from Vietnam before the end of 1965
  • Kennedy’s oil-depletion allowance (so-called Texas oil-men motive)
  • Kennedy’s monetary policies
  • Kennedy’s active civil rights policy (also named Texas racist billionaires motive).

Other media about JFK’s assassination and its investigation

Since the very publication of the Final Report on the murder of John Fitzgerald Kennedy it has been criticized by the media for its lack of professionalism. However, in the summer of 1967, the media had already stopped seriously investigating the assassination of JFK as they were very critical of the authorities’ reports. The journalists of the major newspapers were not interested in the subject.

The Oliver Stone movie “JFK”  knows a great popular success from the time of its release in November, but received a welcome very critical response in the media. Particularly Stone was inspired by research of only two proponents of conspiracy theory, those of Attorney Jim

Garrison, and those of the investigative journalist Jim Marrs.

The film can not therefore be considered as a valid source but its undeniable popular impact contributes to the creation by Congress in 1992 of an independent agency responsible for gathering all the available documentation.The agency declassified millions of pages of documents.

Historians who have consulted all these documents have concluded that there is no shattering discovery but that the Kennedy folder is far from clear and net. There is no evidence of the undeniable guilt of anyone, but it appears that the C.I.A. has been very reluctant to transmit the required documentation.