President John Fitzgerald Kennedy: The Role Of Women In His Life

Women in the life of John Fitzgerald Kennedy would be a point of no great interest if there had been no obvious implications for political life of the United States. These incidences are today known to all, among specialists as well among the general public.

In fact, the president’s relationship with some of these women like Judith Campbell Exner or Marilyn Monroe, had put him in touch, at least in one way indirect, with some leaders of the Mafia. Sam Giancana, the most famous among these, was not the only one. This situation shows how far the highest link in the chain of political power in the United States, was exposed at one point, to the threats of a likely blackmail from the Mafia. And if this blackmail did not have actually held to Kennedy as the President, the threat was real.

Kennedy, his women, and the origins of his playboy reputation

John Fitzgerald Kennedy was very attracted to women. This attraction was not at all for the wedding or for a sentimental attachment. In his case it was a mere physical attraction, an “almost animal attraction,” agreed with his friends. All this is known today. Romantic adventures, the little loves one evening or afternoon, Kennedy did not count them anymore.

The love-life of President Kennedy still makes people ask questions:

  • How many women were seduced by John Kennedy? Unknown women, stars like Marilyn Monroe, long-time friends, secretaries who are part of the entourage…
  • Where did this overwhelming sexual activity come from?
  • Is it because of the use of magic potions or did the father set an example to future President John Fitzgerald Kennedy?
  • Is such behavior an inheritance bequeathed by the father?

The answer is: possible, but we cannot however prove it irrefutably. Nevertheless, Joseph Kennedy was apparently also, and in the same way, especially attracted to women. Apparently he went so far as to bring “friends” (read: his women) to him at the family home. Later, much to his disappointment, Jacqueline Bouvier will discover this aspect of things after marrying J.F. Kennedy.

She suffered in silence to have a husband for a companion fickle. She will say about the Kennedy men that they were like dogs that needed to urinate all the time. It did not stop her from being close to her father-in-law Joseph. She was in any case much more than she was close to his mother Rose. One of John’s comrades, who was at his side during his time in the service of the Navy, say of him that he was a true Don Juan. While one of his superiors described him as “still a little playboy”.

The confessions of Kennedy’s women

Inga Arvad, a former Miss Denmark and Miss Europe, was one of the countless conquests among John Kennedy’s women, is one of the witnesses of it. She was monitored closely by the FBI because of her reported connection to the Luftwaffe leader Göring and thus discovered her affair with John F. Kennedy. Hoover, who feared that Ingara Arvad would be a spy, made microphones posed by the FBI allowed him to hear and know during the meetings of the two lovers, to the sighs and confidences.

She was twenty-four years old when she met John Fitzgerald Kennedy in Washington in 1941. At the time he was performing a brief passage to the Naval Intelligence Directorate of the Navy US. She said of him that he was “natural, friendly, ambitious, warm, and when he entered a room she knew that he was there, without pushing himself forward, without trying to dominate, but by releasing an animal magnetism “.

Inga Arvad was not, after all, the only one who noticed a certain heart dryness in John F. Kennedy. The list of women, who, like Inga, had been quickly abandoned by their seducer John F. Kennedy, is quite long.

Another young woman close to the family and having a love relationship with future president Kennedy, also said: “he was totally incapable of effectively bond with anyone. “

It must be pointed out that this was a character common to all of the Kennedys: they were all “totally blocked on the emotional plane “. Besides, his sister Kathleen, affectionately nicknamed Kick, confirmed this trait as little especially in the whole family. Kick was very close to John Kennedy and was involved in his interests and even his friendships, including those he had with his women. Once Kathleen who was also attracted to boys that Jack was by girls, told a suitor for curb his momentum: “I’m like Jack, I’m incapable of deep affection.”