Kennedy Silenced – Theories and Facts

We all know about the theories that surround the Kennedy assassination. One of those is the “Camelot Ring Theory” in which Lee Harvey Oswald was supposedly acting as a double, in an effort to get famous as the hero of the day. In fact, this particular theory has been around for years. Another of these famous Kennedy assassination theories states that Lee Harvey Oswald faked his death in an attempt to stop the inquiry into his alleged Lee Harvey crimes.

In the 1993 article “The Making of America’s Most consequential President”, written by investigative reporter Michael Crichton, we learn about another one of the many assassination theories involving the JFK administration. This particular theory revolves around former First Lady Hillary Clinton. The theory states that Hillary Clinton was the intended target of the hit that killed Lee Harvey Oswald. We are told by the author of the article that there is a ninety-five percent certainty that Hillary Clinton was not the intended victim but that she was the target of the hit.

On another conspiracies involving the killing of President John F. Kennedy, we learn from the writer of a book that the hit on President Kennedy occurred at a location called the American Hotel in Dallas, Texas. The supposed target was a meeting between CIA Director Allen Dulles and Russian Ambassador Alexi de Sadesky. This particular location is also the place where another of the most notorious Mafia Wars criminals of America resides. In the 1993 article, “The Making of America’s Most Controversial President”, Elaine Jones relates how she worked undercover as a mole inside the American Hotel in Dallas, Texas, while former First Lady Hillary Clinton was supposedly enjoying her time in that very location.

It is interesting to note that this particular elaine Jones book came out only months before the presidential election of Bill Clinton. This gives her credibility that much more considering the fact that many people now consider her to be a conspiracy theorist. It is evident that this publishing house that printed this book did not want it to be exposed as a book that promoted the idea that Hillary Clinton was somehow involved with the death of John F. Kennedy.

That is just one of the many JFK assassination theories that has been circulating around the Internet for years. Another involves Lee Harvey Oswald, although there really isn’t any solid proof to support this particular theory. According to many “conservatives,” Lee Harvey Oswald did in fact meet with Marina Oswald hours before the murder took place. Furthermore, Marina Oswald was supposedly the one who actually pulled the trigger. Now some say this is extremely circumstantial evidence, but others swear by this angle of the story.

We now know that Lee Harvey Oswald did travel back to the United States after the assassination of President Kennedy. Some even believe he may still be alive today and living in New York. If you truly want to research this topic, you can use a popular Internet search engine like Google or Yahoo to find some documentation on this. There are many websites that have photographs of Lee Harvey Oswald in various poses, as well as other photos. You can look at them to determine if he does in fact resemble the pictures we have of him. While many people claim to have evidence that shows that he has been in touch with former associates of Lee Harvey Oswald, none of this has been produced thus far.

These various theories about the JFK assassination still persist today. Many say nothing has been found to link Lee Harvey Oswald and Marina Oswald. Some even say it is impossible to tie either one to the crime because no body was ever found near the killing site. It is considered highly unlikely that either one of them could have killed President Kennedy with Lee Harvey alone, without a weapon. The fact is, there is no concrete evidence tying either man to the assassination.

No matter what happens to this Presidential Administration, many Americans will always believe that there was foul play behind the scenes. conspiracy theories will continue until there is one concrete piece of evidence linking either one of the men to the crime. Even now with no real solid proof tying either man to the assassination, many Americans are still holding strong theories involving Lee Harvey and Marina Kennedy. It is likely all of these theories will remain until one of the men comes forward to tell their side of the story.