Top John Kennedy Assassination Theories

Many conspiracy theories have been spawned since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963. The assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, was shot by nightclub owner Jack Ruby and killed by a group of assassins. Although the truth is not clear, there are many reasons why the assassination occurred. Read on to find out the top conspiracy theories.

Robert Kennedy, the Attorney General, was also accused of a role in the assassination. He had publicly fought organized crime, and the Mafia and other groups opposed to Castro were also involved in the assassination. The Soviet Union was unpopular with Kennedy after the Bay of Pigs invasion. Likewise, the assassination of the President was a way to get rid of a key player in the agency.

In addition to the mob, conspiracy theorists have also blamed the Central Intelligence Agency for the assassination. After the Bay of Pigs invasion, the agency was upset at the changes Kennedy had made. They did not want Kennedy to fire some agents for disagreeing with their views. Other theories have blamed the assassination on an agency contract killer or rogue CIA cell. For example, forensic historian Patrick Nolan claims that four high-level CIA agents planned the assassination.

The role of the Central Intelligence Agency is also a popular theory. The CIA was upset with the change in policy that happened after the Bay of Pigs invasion. Kennedy had recently fired a labor union official because he did not agree with his political views. The CIA was upset with the administration’s decisions and would not want to fire him. However, other conspiracy theorists attribute the assassination to a rogue cell or agency contract killer. The film “JFK” was also a hit and run and a rerelease of the movie did not enlighten the public or the media.

Another common conspiracy theory is that the assassination of President Kennedy was a case of mob corruption. It was important to have a strong conviction when attempting to solve such a crime, so that you can be sure that you have the right to speak your mind. While the conspiracy theories do not imply that the CIA was behind the crime. It was a major factor in the assassination of JFK.

The CIA had some motives for the assassination of Kennedy. The CIA was angry with the Kennedy administration over the Bay of Pigs Invasion, and the CIA has maintained it had no involvement in the crime. The other possible theory is that the CIA aided the Mafia in the assassination, although it may have been an unwitting one, did not kill the President.