Kennedy S assassination Theories

Kennedy assassination theories have been around for a long time. These theories range from silly to serious and are usually concerned with conspiracy theories. Some of these theories have turned out to be completely true while many others turned out to be bogus. The most popular one was the “killed president” theory, which is still alive today in certain quarters but quickly died down as various details were uncovered.

Some of the most popular of the Kennedy assassination theories concern war games. There are many people who believe that John Kennedy was murdered due to his supposedly playing war games with his enemies in Cuba. Many people also believe that RFK was also involved in war games with his enemies in Cuba. There are even some people who think RFK was on the inside of the game and just went ahead with his own death in order to keep America from going to war with Cuba. There are many people who agree that the tests that were done on RFK showed that he had committed suicide on orders from some “higher” power.

RFK was supposed to have visited Fort Worth, Texas for a fishing trip and according to many assassination theories, this trip was organized by none other than Fidel Castro. On that trip Castro supposedly had several affairs with several women including one named Judith Hunter. Hunter had been living with her family in Texas since she was three years old and according to the Dallas Morning News, “The Cuban Missile Crisis grew so large that Judith Hunter decided to leave the U.S., go to South Florida and fall in love with Castro.” She was just twenty years old.

Several months later it was revealed that Judith Hunter was living with Josephy Hunter, another woman who was related to Kennedy. In fact, she was living right down the street from the couple. Many people believe that Kennedy was trying to get Josephy and Judith to commit suicide together, according to the former trial attorney of Judith Hunter. Some say that they had an affair and others believe that they knew something was wrong but did not want to alert anyone. Many people have also said that although Kennedy was very interested in Judith Hunter he never tried to talk her into committing suicide.

One of the more famous assassination theories surrounding the death of president Kennedy revolves around a top-level CIA agent named Elaine Jones. The former case agent has maintained that she saw Kennedy on the tarmac at LAX before his plane hit the horizon and shot down. Even though this is a complicated scenario, some think it to be true and others think it to be another one of those “bigger than life” scenarios. In fact, the former case agent has even said that she thinks the presidential candidate was hiding.

Many people have also alleged that Lee Harvey Oswald was the shooter. In fact, some even went so far as to say that Lee Harvey was the only person who could have committed the crime as Lee Harvey was out of the country at the time. Even though many of these scenarios are still being deliberated upon by detectives and other professionals, no concrete evidence has ever been uncovered linking Lee Harvey Oswald to the crime. However, a number of conspiracy theorists still feel that somehow there was a tie between Lee Harvey and Jack Ruby. No concrete evidence has ever surfaced linking them either.

Even though many people have maintained that Lee Harvey Oswald was the actual shooter, many people do not agree with this claim. Some claim that because there was no murder weapon found at the scene of the murder and because witnesses described a bloody mess that a passerby may have accidentally caused, it is likely that Oswald was the person who actually committed the crime. There have also been many speculations that Rich had some sort of connection to the case and that he knew all about it. It has also been suggested that if Rich had known more about the murder, he might have advised Lee Harvey Oswald to stop shooting. While none of the above theories has any solid evidence to support them, they have certainly persistently remained long after the events that took place, proving to be a constant source of fascination for many people.

There are also several other theories regarding what actually happened that night. Was it an accident? Did Marilyn Monroe run into the street and hit her head when she was in the street? Many of these theories remain even today, even if many people have already moved on from the death that occurred in Dallas in November 1963.