Assassination Of President Kennedy As Origin Of Conspiracy Theory

The assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy on November 22 1963 in Dallas, marked an important date for America and the world at large. The interpretation of this event that literally traumatized the nation and caused the split between the official speech of the authorities and the public opinion.

The questions aroused by the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy

More than fifty years after the drama, a cruel and shocking act, according to the final report of the Warren Commission, many queries continue to fuel the debate:

  • Who killed John Fitzgerald Kennedy?
  • Did the US government seek by all means to smother the deal (cover-up)?
  • Do we know more now than some fifty thousand documents have been declassified?
  • Why public opinion (and international) continue to think for the most part that official conclusions do not correspond to reality?

At the heart of these questions is the central leitmotif question: if we keep in mind that all latent or proven crises of at the time provide enough reasons to attack the person of John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

So who and why?

The origins of the conspiracy theories

President Kennedy was killed Friday, November 22, 1963 at noon thirty while he drives up one of the main arteries of Dallas, Dealey Plaza. His body is immediately repatriated aboard Air Force One, with his wife Jacky and his successor Lyndon B. Johnson.

The following steps concerning the investigation of the president JFK’s assassination were taken:

  1. The presumed killer Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested while he has just killed a police officer who was about to arrest him. He is formally charged with assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy despite his protests: he declared that he was only a scapegoat. Interviewed at the premises of the Hotel de Dallas police (but without a transcript of the interrogation being conducted), Oswald was assassinated too (live on TV!) –  by a nightclub owner, known to be affiliated with the mafia, Jack Rubin.
  2. Lyndon B. Johnson signed a decree creating a Commission to investigate the circumstances of the assassination of John F. Kennedy – The President’s Commission the Assassination of President Kennedy, soon to be known as Warren Commission because chaired by Chief Justice of United States, Earl Warren.
  3. The Warren Commission conducted its investigation using the reports of the BCI, the Secret Service and the State Department and recruited for this many lawyers whose least we can say is that they had no field experience. The Commission delivered its Final Report, that included the President Kennedy’s assassination theories and the results of their investigation, to President Lyndon B. Johnson on September 24, 1964 . It concluded that Oswald acted alone under the influence of irrepressible impulse. It therefore categorically rejects the idea of a possible political conspiracy or mafia.
  4. Since its publication, the Final Report on the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy has been criticized by the media for its lack of professionalism (incomplete interviews, unannounced witnesses …) and has since become apparent that many elements in the possession of F.B.I and C.I.A. retained by both federal agencies instead of being sent to the Commission. Since that time the conspiracy theories about Kennedy’s assassination take their roots.
  5. The requests for revision of the Commission’s report were accompanied by surveys and parallel research to find the solution. At the end of 1966 the District Attorney of New Orleans, Jim Garrison undertakes to investigate the links between Lee Harvey Oswald and local businessmen. His investigation caused polemics and controversy but had no tangible results and had succeeded in delaying the creation of new formal investigation structures.
  6. Congress decided in September 1976 to create a special commission of the United States House of Representatives Select Committee on Assassinations to investigate John’s assassinations John Fitzgerald Kennedy and Martin Luther King. This commission is experiencing a difficult start because of the many discrepancies ideological among its members quick to get into quarrels intestines. It started its work and published the final report in 1979.
  7. The Commission concludes that President John Kennedy has no doubt been the victim of a conspiracy but she is unable to give the names of the plotters. It also indicates that because of the available evidence, the conspiracy is not the Soviet Union, Cuba, the Organized Crime, F.B.I., C.I.A. and Secret Service. Due to these confused findings and subsequent reversals on the role of the C.I.A., the work of the HSCA Commission can be considered as a determining element in the search for the truth.
  8. In 1988, the Attorney General transmitted to the Commission a memorandum emphasizing that no evidence of conspiracy can be advanced:

“No persuasive evidence can be identified to support the theory of a conspiracy in […] the assassination of President Kennedy).”

The assassination of Kennedy remains a mystery, because of the curious official version of the “magic bullet” and, above all, the prohibition to publish some passages from the Warren Commission report for a long time, renewed and yet finally partially lifted by Donald Trump in 2017.